How often should I have my system checked out?

We recommend that that you have your system checked twice per year, once before cooling season and again before heating season, by a licensed professional. This assures that your equipment is kept in optimum operating condition, and it will extend the life of your equipment. If your system is in warranty, then doing this will assure that a warranty claim is not rejected due to lack of maintenance.

How often do have to replace my air filter?

It is recommended that you check your air filter status every month, and replace as needed.

What is the warranty period on my equipment?

Warranties vary by manufacturer, so it is recommended that you contact your installing dealer to obtain warranty specific details, or consult your documentation that came with your equipment.

What is a maintenance agreement, and how do I benefit from having one?

Maintenance agreements come in many different offerings or flavors, kind of like ice cream. Generally speaking though, a maintenance agreement is simply an agreement that is entered into for a sum of monies between the equipment owner and a servicing agent. These agreements are common in the marketplace today, and provide the equipment owner with a specific number of pre-paid maintenance inspections, over a specified period of time (generally one year). These agreements also provide the equipment owner with a peace of mind in knowing that their equipment will be maintained at specific intervals by reliable professionals. These agreements will provide distinct advantages to you, such as discounts for repair services, no overtime charges, priority service, and special offerings just to name a few. Jon-Wayne Co. offers Energy Saving Planned Maintenance Agreements. Call for full details.

How long will it be before someone gets to my house?

Many factors affect the amount of time a technician spends on a service call and call priority affects the positioning of your call in the dispatch circuit. We try to get to everything as fast as possible, however we want to make sure that each of our clients receives the same personal care and attention that you are seeking when we arrive at your house, and that things are diagnosed and repaired correctly.

When should I schedule a seasonal performance check out, or a tune up?

Summer Performance Checks are best performed between April 1, and May 15. Winter Performance Checks are best performed between Oct 15, and Dec. 1. Generally these periods provide for easier scheduling and often you will find service specials during these periods.

My Heat Pump is smoking, and looks like it is on fire?

First go outside and make sure it is not on fire. Fire is usually associated with flames and odors, so if you see no flames and smell no odors then chances are that your heat pump is going thru a defrost cycle. Defrost cycles occur during the heating season and happen at pre-set intervals of operation. These cycles become more frequent and more noticeable with lower outdoor temperatures and increased humidity levels. At the beginning of a defrost cycle, the outdoor fan will turn off while the compressor continues to run, the auxiliary heat strips on the indoor unit will come on, and the defrost cycle will begin. As the cycle continues, the presence of steam from ice melting will increase until the cycle completes (generally no longer than 10 minutes), and operations will return to normal.

What is auxiliary heat or emergency heat?

These terminologies are generally associated with Heat Pump systems. It may be electric heat strips, or a gas furnace that is used to temper the air while your heat pump performs a defrost cycle. This heat source may also be used, should your heat pump unit be out of service, or during times of extremely low temperatures for extended periods of time.

What is the life expectancy of my equipment?

Several factors such as equipment usage, maintenance frequency, and hours of run time determine how long your equipment will last. Systems that are maintained under Maintenance Agreements tend to provide longer service life than those that are not maintained.

Should I upgrade my thermostat to a programmable type?

Programmable thermostats are very useful tools for managing you power usage. Most of these thermostats provide four to six different periods per day that you can set to desired comfort levels. They come in many different configurations and price ranges. We recommend that you discuss these options with any of our Qualified Technicians, so that you can get the right thermostat for your lifestyle.